What a North Bay Commercial Electrician Does to Create a Safe Environment

What a North Bay Commercial Electrician Does to Create a Safe Environment


Whether you own a commercial bottling plant, or manage a public school, library, or fire station, you are responsible for creating a safe environment for your guests and employees.

Problems with your commercial building’s electricity can prove to be a large safety hazard. A commercial electrical contractor can help you create and maintain a safe working environment. Commercial contractors are trained to address electrical hazards such as damaged equipment and cords, inadequate wiring, exposed electrical parts and improper grounding. In addition, here are a few more ways a team of professional electrical contractors can provide value and safety for your building

Commercial Electrical Services

  • Electrical installations: If you want to remodel your commercial building or build an addition, a commercial electrical contractor can help you ensure your new electrical system is up to code. A contractor can help you make electrical decisions in your project like where to place outlets and lights. A contractor can ensure electrical safety by installing electrical components in the prescribed manner
  • Safety inspections: A commercial electrical contractor can carry out electrical inspections to identify and address problems such as obsolete electrical wires and ungrounded wires, before they can lead to accidents. A contractor can also prevent and repair damage to electrical components in a timely fashion helping you save money on expensive repair
  • Backup Generator Installation: In the case of a power outage, ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in your commercial building with a backup generator. A generator can be installed to ensure that even if your commercial building loses electricity, the public and staff will still have necessary access to power.
  • Breaker and fuse replacement: Commercial building breaker boxes tend to be more complex than residential building breaker boxes. It’s important that you choose a qualified and experienced electrical contractor to change fuses and relocate circuit breaker panels if necessary. If your fuse box is too old, your contractor can upgrade it to a breaker box to ensure your electrical system works safely, efficiently and effectively.
  • Rewiring: To determine if your building needs rewiring, a commercial electrical contractor will inspect your wiring, outlets and electrical panel. If your electrical panel is obsolete or is not functioning properly, your electrical wiring is outdated, you don’t have enough power outlets or you have aluminum or cloth-insulated wiring, your contractor will rewire your building to improve electrical safety and ensure your electrical system is up to code.
  • Lighting services: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper lighting. Studies show that workplace lighting can affect employee morale and productivity. If you manage a school, lighting can affect the students’ ability to understand different topics. Lighting in a fire station or commercial bottling plant can affect employee safety. Your commercial electrical contractor can redesign your lighting system for improved productivity and safety. They can choose the right type of energy efficient lights and place them properly.

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