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For 25 years, Owner Chris Perez and Core Electrical Services has helped businesses of all sizes with lighting, electrical, signage & technology challenges. But it is not what we do that make us different’ it’s why we do it.

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Core Electrical Services Inc is proud to have provided top quality service to our clients


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Your business is our business, and we will support you 24/7 for all your commercial and industrial needs..



Commercial electricians have the opportunity to have first-hand knowledge of some of the new exciting developments in the world of Commercial Electrical contracting over the last few years. From energy saving opportunities to incredible innovations in technology, we’re witnessing a new era in which more is now possible than ever before. The electrical trade is seeing its share of developments when it comes to construction projects too – at CORE Electrical Services we have the knowledge to help you achieve your project on time, on budget and with the expertise level of professionalism.

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Our OBLIGATION to our CORE Electrical Clients is to make sure your project runs smoothly, and professionally. Our impeccable client reference and safety record is exactly what you need for your project. For any company to be successful, safety must be a top priority, including the safety of employees, customers, and the public. Looking at the landscape of electrical contractors, CORE Electrical provides a prime example of a company emphasizing safety in the right ways, and in an industry that is constantly evolving.

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Reliable services and trustworthy personnel are part of our CORE values, and are infused throughout everthing we do. We provide our customers with the best team out there with high safety standards and unmatched resources so we can perform any job, any size, anywhere. That is the CORE promise. We leverage the latest technology and the power of our Subcontracting companies – to complete each project on time, and on budget.

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Electrical Experts

Core Electrical Services owner Chris Perez has 25 years of electrical expertise and is considered one of Northern California’s top Commercial and Industrial electricians. Stephan Razo Superintendent has been in the industry for 20 years together they have built Core Electrical Services to be one of the most requested industrial electrical companies for any size project.

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