How to Find a Qualified Industrial Electrician

How to Find a Qualified Industrial Electrician

Man opening a tool kit on the ground in safety gear

Every business needs an uninterrupted supply of power to ensure smooth operations. Electrical problems affect business operations and can jeopardize your employees’ safety or negatively impact the work environment, leading to a drop in employee productivity.

An experienced and qualified commercial electrician in the North Bay can help you avoid electrical problems. They can carry out important tasks related to maintaining, repairing, and upgrading your electrical system, helping ensure that it works flawlessly. A qualified electrician has extensive knowledge of electrical components and can help you ensure that your electrical system is up to code.

Here are our top tips for finding an industrial electrician who deserves your trust.


Evaluate Electricians’ Experience


Look for an electrician who brings years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing the type of electrical system you have. An experienced electrician understands the nature of electrical problems and knows what works and what won’t. Their industry experience enables them to develop cost-effective solutions for electrical issues of all sizes.


Notice An Electricians’ Communication Skills


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of effective communication. It is essential to make informed decisions and an expert communicator can get their point across and explain complex ideas and concepts using simple, clear language.

Ask an electrician to explain the steps they take to ensure flawless communication with their clients and how long they take to respond to a message on average. If the contractor you are considering uses subcontractors, ask them if they have a plan to keep everyone on the same page.


Check Licensing and Credentials


Before offering electrical services, an industrial electrician should obtain the necessary licenses and permits. To get their license, a contractor must pass the licensing exam that tests their expertise and knowledge.

Look for a contractor who is a member of an industry association. Members of industry bodies are required to commit to lifelong learning and stay up to date on industry trends to maintain their membership. So, when you hire a member of a reputable industry body, you have peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional worth their salt is in charge.


Talk to Contractors’ References


A reputable contractor will be more than happy to provide references. If a contractor refuses to provide references, walk away. Ask a contractor’s references the following questions to assess the professional’s skills and expertise:

➢ What work did the contractor do for you?
➢ Did they have a quick turnaround time? Can you recall an instance when a delay occurred? What was the reason?
➢ Were you provided regular updates?
➢ Who was responsible for cleaning the job site after the new system installation, maintenance, and repairs? Your team or the contractor’s crew?

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