How and When to Hire an Industrial Electrical Contractor

How and When to Hire an Industrial Electrical Contractor

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Industrial electrical contractors, also known as an IEC, design, install, and maintain large-scale electrical systems. An industrial electrical contractor hired by a business is responsible for maintaining the continuity of power supply and ensuring electrical systems work safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Typical tasks and responsibilities of an industrial electrical contractor include:

➢ Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical equipment.
➢ Leading teams of trained industrial electricians.
➢ Upgrading the existing electrical system, if required.
➢ Decoding technical blueprints, drawings, and job plans, and planning work accordingly.
➢ Testing electrical equipment regularly to ensure they are working properly.
➢ Ensuring the electrical system is up to code.


How to Hire an Industrial Electrical Contractor?


Certain businesses rely on heavy-duty electrical panels consisting of several complex parts to meet their demand. Only an experienced industrial electrical contractor with an in-depth understanding of electrical components can successfully install, repair, and maintain electrical panels used by large-scale industries.

Considering the important role that an industrial electrical contractor can play in ensuring constant power supply to a business and preventing electrical hazards, you should be very careful when choosing one. Look for a licensed industrial electrical contractor in Sonoma County with a proven track record of success. Check if the contractor you are considering understands your needs and is equipped to meet them.

Check their reputation. Talk to fellow business owners who have used their services in the past. Ask them about their experience working with the contractor. Visit trusted, third-party review sites to read customer reviews.

Here are some questions to consider before hiring an industrial electrical contractor:

➢ Do they have experience managing projects similar to yours?
➢ Are they specifically trained in industrial work?
➢ Are they licensed and certified by the state to carry out industrial electrical work?
➢ Do they carry insurance?
➢ Are they available 24/7 to help you with emergencies?
➢ How well do they communicate?
➢ How much do they charge for their services? Do they provide a detailed estimate?
➢ Ask for references


When to Hire an Industrial Electrical Contractor?


Businesses that are planning a facility expansion or want to build a new facility outfitted with complex machinery and auxiliary equipment should seriously consider hiring an industrial electrical contractor. Companies that are considering buying a new facility and want to determine if the existing electrical infrastructure can support turnkey installations should also consider hiring an industrial electrical contractor. It is strongly advised to onboard a reputable contractor as soon as possible to help with the management of budgeting and planning.

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