CORE Electrical Services Installs Lighting Solutions in KAPU Tiki Bar

CORE Electrical Services Installs Lighting Solutions in KAPU Tiki Bar

nautic themed dark lit bar by a large chandelier

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Santa Rosa, CA – CORE Electrical Services has finished installing commercial kitchen equipment such as dishwashers, icemakers, steamers and lights in KAPU Tiki Bar. The project involved wiring handcrafted bamboo fixtures designed and created by none other than Bamboo Ben.

A veteran tiki bar designer, Ben Bassham – affectionately nicknamed Bamboo Ben – has done woodwork for 20+ commercial tiki bars around the world. Woodwork by Ben adorn Tiki No, Pacific Seas and other iconic tiki bars around the country. Ben has a pirate-themed bar in the works. He is also converting the top floor of the Ruby’s Diner at Huntington Beach into a tiki bar.

Creating the perfect vibe for a tiki bar is not easy. The CORE team rose up to the challenge. We came up with unconventional ideas to blend lighting with the decor of the bar. While the perfect tiki bar vibe was top of mind for our electricians, they never underscored the importance of ensuring that all electrical work was up to code. We worked with Bamboo Ben, Kirby Construction and Michael from Dukes to bring the client’s vision to life.


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