Black Entrepreneurs Resurgence in the North Bay Post Pandemic

Black Entrepreneurs Resurgence in the North Bay Post Pandemic

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The Press Democrat features CORE Electrical Owner Chris Perez in article titled Black entrepreneurs in Sonoma County see growth in aftermath of pandemic Sonoma County written by Bill Swindell.

 Sonoma County reports an increase in young Black American entrepreneurs since the pandemic.

2020 Was a grim year for Black business owners. Covid forced several African American business owners to close shop. As a result, Black business ownership rates dropped 41% between February and April that year. 

Sonoma County has seen a resurgence in young Black Americans starting their own business since the pandemic. Reports show that startups have begun to blossom across the greater Bay Area. 

Nancy Rogers, president of the North Bay Black Chamber of Commerce, says that the younger generation wants to break from the “9 to 5” culture and is more willing to test the entrepreneurial waters. 

Rogers, who owns Red Rose, a catering company, says that her approach was different when she started. She worked with Hewlett Packard for 28 years before starting her own business.

A highlighted member of Sonoma County is business owner and father of four, Chris Perez.

Chris started his business, Core Electrical Services in the year 2018. Core Electrical Services currently employs 13 professional commercial and industrial electricians and counting, as Chris expects continued growth and success as the world shifts into post-pandemic reality. 

Chris began working in the construction industry at the age of 17. Later in his career, Perez entered the electrical services sector, slowly working up the ladder as a commercial electrician. 

After accepting a supervisor position, Chris learned to effectively lead and support others, thus sparking his entrepreneurial light. 

Chris says that he always had a feeling that he could manage his own business. With the drive and understanding of the dynamics of entrepreneurship, Chris pursued entrepreneurship that would lead him to own and operate a successful team of renown professionals at CORE Electrical Services Inc.

Perez is an active member of the North Bay Black Chamber of Commerce and the 100 Black men of Sonoma County. With his involvement, Chris is committed to educating and empowering young Black entrepreneurs to help them build successful careers.  

Chris Perez is the proud owner of CORE Electrical Services, the leading commercial and industrial electrical services provider in the greater Bay Area. To learn more about their services, call 707-687-5083.